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AardTags Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an "Ex/AardTag"?
An AardTag is a small metal tag that you can design yourself and then share with friends, family or even complete strangers. You can custom design both sides - or just one side to save on the cost. They are traded, collected, used as souvenirs, exchanged for services and given as gifts.
How big is an Ex/AardTag?
A standard round tag is 23mm - or slightly larger than a US Nickel. Of course, an Extag can be any shape you can imagine so the size is relative.
If you like geometry, the tagz usually come out to have a surface area between 400 and 500 mm2.
Do AardTags come in different shapes?
Oh my, yes! AardTags pioneered the custom shape mini-tagz. You can see our currently available list of shapes by clicking here.
How much does it cost to make an Extag?
Less than you would expect! Please check here for current pricing.
How do I sign up?
That is an easy one. Just go here and to create your account.
Oh no! I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
No Worries. Browse to the password reset screen and enter your login-name and instructions will be sent to your email address.
If you have forgotten (or mistyped) your login name you can contact us and we will help you out.
How can I create my very own Tag?
First, imagine the most incredimazing design you can, then get it into some digital form so you can share it with us. Then you can begin the ordering process by filling out the New Tag form.
We look forward to seeing what you will dream up!
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
I found a tag! What do I do with it?
The tag is yours to keep, trade, gift or use to keep the electricity flowing through your fuse-box. This site can help you create and track a virtual collection of tags (or tagz) that come into your possession. This is where logging the tag comes into play. See below for more!
Can you tell me about Tag Logging?
I can. You log a tag by entering the unique code on the back of the tag into the site. At that point you can mention where and when you found it and how many you found. That information is only visible to the person that created the tag. Providing this information can be very interesting to the person who created the tag as some of them travel a great distance.
What is a "Dodad" or "Exchangeable"?
We do things differently than other collectable sites. Once you have logged a tag you will see it show up in your Collection. If you have other things that you collect - postage stamps, baseball cards, tags/coins made by other companies, vintage bottlecaps, etc, you can enter them on this site and freely trade them with others. You do NOT need to make additional copies of your AardTags. If it is collectable or exchangeable you can keep it in your virtual collection here!
How do I trade my Exchangeables?
Browse the gallery or use the search function to find a tag that piques your interest. If the owner of the Exchangeable is accepting trades there will be a link on the tag details page that you can click to initiate the trade offer. If the offer is accepted you will receive an email telling you what your next step should be.
I need more information on making my Tagz tradeable.
Every Tag you log into your collection or Exchangeable Dodad that you create here has an inventory or quantity associated with it and each one can be set as available for trade. To make it available to others you should view the tag then click the Edit button to change your current inventory to match how many you physically have in possession. You should also check the "Available to Trade" checkbox. The trading system will automatically adjust inventory levels for you but if you give any away you will have to manually update your virtual quantity-on-hand.
Is trading done through the mail/post?
It is! The tagz are flat enough to be sent anywhere in the world in a standard flat envelope. The safest way is to tape the tag into the center of the envelope or put it into a second smaller envelope first then tape that in before sending. If you have not traded before ask your trade partner for some tips before sending out your first tag.
What is the Trading Inventory Minimum I see when editing my profile?
To prevent you from accidentally trading away your last tag you can set this to one. When you trade your second to last one the system will automatically turn off trading for that Exchangeable. If you want to keep two or three tagz before automatically turning off trading then set this to two or three.
I do not get it. Please to be explaining?
We were not put on this earth to Get It. Eat, drink, trade and be merry!
(be merry responsibly. AardTags is not responsible for regrettable trades or tag designs!)

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