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Stranger Things - Waffle

A tag by Agent99
Designer: Dan Phelps Ink

Plating: Black Nickel
Born: 2017-06-11

The front design of this Stranger Things tag shows Mike, Eleven, Lucas and Dustin riding bikes. The Upside Down shows the Demogorgon and Will. The back design will be easily recognizable as the Christmas lights Joyce uses to communicate with her missing son Will. Although this is a round tag, it's actually a "shape" tag and is 28mm instead of the typical 23mm rounds. Just FYI in case you'd like to make a double trade: we are Max and 99 on the other site. *update 7-10-17 There was a little mistake at the factory, and the tags are now 23mm.

Tagwords:   Eggo   Stranger Things   Waffle  

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