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The Mandalorian and The Asset

A tag by JHastings1974
Designer: G. Marshall Brown

Plating: Black Nickel
Born: 2020-04-21

"He said you're the best in the parsec… He also said you were expensive, very expensive." - The Client


***Yet another GREAT design by G. Marshall Brown!***

Your standard republic credits are no good here.

Trades will only be made for the following: 1) Other Star Wars figure tags not possessed, or otherwise wanted, by the Owner; or 2) Tags related to the following themes: * Indiana Jones * Superheroes * Cartoon/Video game characters * NFL Teams

Don't have one of these? You'll need to work your trade magic elsewhere and return here.

"This is the way."

"I have spoken."

Tagwords:   Baby Yoda   Mini Figure   Star Wars   The Mandorlorian  

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