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Weird NJ - The Jersey Devil

A tag by DivineAmorphis

Plating: Black Nickel
Born: 2014-11-01

Part of the 9 Tag set - Weird New Jersey

This tag features a texture, translucent, metallic enamel and glow.

There are 8 owners who all have copies to trade, either alone or for the full set-Divine Amorphis,Bear mom scouter,Teedeekay,JerseyEric,Jersey Pirates,Team Sergeantsville,Raritan,NikCap

A second minting was done with this tag in solid gold and solid silver. The gold was given out to those who donated at the 2015 Metro Gathering. The silver was given to anyone who bought tickets to the raffle during the mega

Mold has expired and none remain

Tagwords:   Devil   Weird Nj  

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